Gina Mitchell


BA Social Child Psychology, Hunter College, Spring 2018

Gina has three children. Michael, 14, loves anything and everything sports. He is a people person and can engage people of all ages into a conversation or activity. Kimora, 12, is the diva. She loves the camera as long as she is in the picture. She loves art, baking, girlie things and everything slime. Dezeray, 16, is Gina’s daughter from another mother. She loves to apply and wear makeup. She has a nose piercing and cannot wait to get a belly ring and tattoo. Gina hopes that she can help bring awareness between to the lack of assistance for students with children. After recharging both mind and finances, she hopes to continue her research education in Social Child Psychology. She reads mangas, watches anime and hopes to make it to an anime expo soon.

Annanina Corsica