I. Did. It.

Premed/parent fuel.

Premed/parent fuel.

I did it. I went from Spring semester right into Summer semester and I did it. Aced it. All the way. In Physics no less. I feel really good right now and let me explain why.

I took a No Credit in Physics 1 not once but twice with the very same professor. Now ask me why I would do such a foolish thing? I’m pre-med right and in Premed.. every single grade counts. Those NC may well translate into F’s for my transcript and that could be the kiss of death for my aspirations. But I have been through more than enough in my life that I can only see the finish line. And that is because, in these two semesters, I learned what my strengths were and what my weaknesses were. My strengths being a great analytical mind and determination to go the distance...with my weaknesses being a love of iced coffee, donuts and lack of enthusiasm at times.

I learned that whatever I do not have naturally can be easily bought. The currency not the American dollar but grit, determination, and focus. I looked at the way that I studied and chose to change it all up… and it paid off.

Doing this with a 4 year is challenging. As I am writing this, she is calling me to tell me that she is dead. With a full theatrical tongue hanging out of her mouth and a half-hearted attempt to close her eyes. This is not a moment of horror. This is life with a 4-year-old. In the time that it took for me to type these sentences, she ran to her father, finagled some candy from him and is now perched on the couch.  Life changes swiftly with children and as a student mum; it changes as fast as it takes for me to blink.

Studying with a child is hard. No. Not hard. It is damn hard. I have to juggle 4 balls at once and be prepared to catch incoming at random points in time. But I do it because I believe that my journey is one that I need to be on. Not just for me but for her. For all of them.
So I did it. I can breathe for a few weeks and bask in the moment but I will be restarting and preparing for what I hope is my final semester. And then. Then… I will be ready to level up to the next part of this journey.